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Our Property Management Services

Your unit is important to us! We are committed to looking after the properties of our owners and providing excellent management service. Being on-site, we are in the best position to do this.

There are many advantages of on-site property management and we have listed some of these advantages for you below.


On Site Manager

Outside Agent

We reside at the complex and are on call 24 hours a day


We own and run the management business

Staff look after your property

Economies of scale with the purchasing of materials are also available to be passed on to investors


Our core business is letting units – not selling them. Consequently we see the rental property as an income producing asset for our business.

Core business is selling. They see your property as a property to sell in the future.

We interview tenants personally

Staff attend to this

We will accompany prospective tenants through the unit and not simply hand out keys to allow inspection

Will usually hand out keys

We have a vested interest, for sake of harmony in complex and because we will be neighbours of the tenants.

Of no concern

We monitor rent payments daily and can immediately follow up late payments

Not able to offer such immediate response

Your tenants are monitored daily because we are always around the property

Unable to monitor

We are able to monitor any strangers around your unit

Unable to monitor

We are able to observe on the spot tenancy breaches i.e. pets

Unable to monitor

Can deal with tenants locking themselves out at no charge

Unable to offer such service

Able to adopt a proactive management style as we are always at the complex observing what is going on

Will only act when advised of a problem

Free 3 monthly inspections and on the spot inspections when perceived necessary

Will usually charge for these

Instant rectification of problems in the unit

Only during office hours and when a tradesperson can be arranged

Able to supervise tradespeople working on your unit

No ability to do this

Will carry our minor jobs for tenants to keep them happy

No interest or ability to do this

Will send newsletters about the complex, its performance and condition

No interest or knowledge to provide such information

Management and lettings limited to your complex with no conflict of interest

Your unit will be one of many hundreds under management with no incentive to focus on yours


Please contact Miranda Wang, Melvin Wang and Daisy Lu on 0412 966 707 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or to discuss our competitive rates.